Terra Nova: An Anthology of Contemporary Spanish Science Fiction
Edited by Mariano Villarreal
Felicidad Martínez, Eric J. Mota, Juanfrán Jiménez, Lola Robles, Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría, Víctor Conde

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Antología, ciencia ficción

English version by Sue Burke, Lawrence Schimel

Cover by
Ángel Benito Gastañaga
Cover design

ISBN Ebook: 9788494127472
First edition
June, 2013

ISBN Paperback: 9788494127489
First edition
June, 2013

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Co-selected by Mariano Villarreal and Luis Pestarini

Translated by Sue Burke and Lawrence Schimel

Six top Spanish-language authors prove that science fiction remains sharp and visionary, with stories about the deepest anxieties, challenges, and problems of our societies. Their speculations and metaphors analyze and dissect a reality in continuous change.

  • The Texture of Words, by Felicidad Martínez: women seek to lead despite being blind and dependent, while men fight constant wars.
  • Deirdre, by Lola Robles: in the future, robotics can create made-to-order lovers.
  • Greetings from a Zombie Nation, by Eric J. Mota: a stagnant society turns its citizens into the living dead.
  • Light a Lone Candle, by Victor Conde: social networks want too much and never let go.
  • Bodies, by Juanfran Jiménez: in a globalized and pseudodemocratic Europe, the rich practice sex tourism by means of mind exchange.
  • Memory, by Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría: personal relationships and sex roles evolve in radical ways on a terraformed Mars in a relatively near future.
  • Science Fiction from Spain, by Mariano Villarreal: a close view of what Spanish science fiction is and has been.

RicardoGonzalez has said (2016-11-27):

Al igual que con Castillos en el Aire, mis felicitaciones por traducir al inglés este otro gran volumen con una buena representación del género fantástico en español y así difundirlo internacionalmente. Enhorabuena!







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Terra Nova is a treasure-trove of Spanish science fiction, and I hope to see more such anthologies in the near future.

Rachel S. Cordasco en Speculative Fiction in Translation


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